[Introduction] Content Manager in Wapka

Hi, I will introduce wapka content manager in this post. This is great feature in wapka that allows to add Games, Themes, Audio, Video, Applications and all without any limit.. Yes, you can add 100GB data adn more in this content manager. Lets look and feel in wapka content manager.
Where it is?

You can find Content Manager by following these steps
1. Login to your wapka account
2. Goto Admin Mode
3. Click ::Edit Site:: link at bottom
4. Goto Content Manager

What Features?
The Content Manager has following features.
1. You can upload Images, Music, Ringtones, Games, Applications, Themes, Software, Animation etc.
2. There is no limit to upload.
3. You can upload via zip archive at once to upload many files.
4. One file upload limit is 100MB
5. You can show stats and more such information about files.
6. Content previous automatically added for videos, themes, games etc.
7. You have the ability to draft your uploads.
8. Many upload ways.
9. Easy Deployment Tools available for newbies.
Many many more such features and tools available.

How To Use?
You can use content manager in one of these ways.
1. You can use buiult-in tags (Experts). You can use these tags via WML/xHTML code tool.
2. You can use deployment tools (Newbies).

There are few limits in content manager.
1. 100MB limit per file.
2. 450 files in one .zip file.
3. File must fully comply with TOS of wapka.

We will cover each and every part of content manager in this series of content manager tutorials. Please feel free to add comments and let us know what you wanna know about this tools.

You can also mail us for any query and can write our facebook wall.


  1. wOW. bUt This Thing KJnown By me already . so keep a new intresting and useful things for me.....kk.

  2. How can I list music,video according to name(a-z) and what is use of id(o=id) tag. And how to keep admin mode in content manager paging :paging:n=:geti-number(1):,u=site_12.%ext%?get-cid=:geti-cid(133237):&get-number=%n%::%prev%-%n%-%n%-%n%-%next%::/paging:

  3. Hi agregen un translate ingles to español plis

    1. Hi, you can use google translator for this purpose. You can find Google Translator on the right side panel of this site..

  4. Where can i use pagging tag in content manager list pages?

    1. Did you checked my new tutorials? Those explain your question a little bit.

  5. How Many days That the file will be stored and how many days the direct link is valid for download

  6. The file will stay as far as you required and do not delete it and direct download link might not be available every time one person download the file.

  7. Sir,
    i salute you....i have doubt,how to find the FILE ID of files in content manager

  8. please the content manager is not showing at my site <0>


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