New Changes to Wapka.Mobi

Hi, wapka has been updated several times now and here are some of the newest updates..
1. Added Content Manager.

Content manager support images, gifs and many other image types right now. You can also upload images by various ways, like Upload via URL, upload via Email, Upload from files and also you can upload by ZIP archive file. We will write tutorials on it.

2. Styles for PC
Now if you visit from PC, you won't see the SonyEricsson phone browser, infect you will see site spread over the screen. I really appreciate this update. The phone emulator was not Good at all.

3. New Domain
Now you can link your site via domain as well. So can also be accessed via I really don't understand this update, because it is useless, You can't create same site name with new tld. For example. if is registered then will also redirect to The method should be to allow users to create sitenames with different tlds but note the case.

4. Park one or more domains
Now you can park one or more domains at the same time. Many other domain tlds like etc are supported now. We will write brief tutorial on it soon.

Many other features also added or upgraded. Stay with us to get more and more about these.
Any question?? Ask as comment, we will get back to you.


  1. please sir give me code for image uplader for wapka with comments,like,unlike tag code

    1. I will try to add tutorial on it. It can not be done with basic knowledge of wapka right now.

  2. plz give me member list code like

    1. You can design it easily. I think we already have tutorial on it here. Reach that and design your own. If not solved, let us know if will do something for you.


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