[NEWS] Added Automatic Virus Detection Feature in Content Manager at wapka

Hi, wapka has been updated. And in new update, added virus detection service in content manager uploads. This is to make sure no viruses could be installed on your sites. How this work? Lets get into it.

The new Virus detection feature in wapka content manager benefits all of you. It will stop any virus uploading. Basically, it will secure wapka system from viruses but you will be secure as well..

When you will upload new file in any content type in content manager, your file wil be scanned and if it contains viruses it will not be uploaded and you will get the message that this file can not be uploaded or similar.

So, it will add extra security to your site. You can display Virus Free logo at your site/pages to let users know, your content is virus free. We will write tutorial on this feature, for this stay tuned.

I think, wapka is moving to content manager from file manager. It is not official that file manager will be removed. but I think File Manager will only be used to upload any other formats that wapka content manager does not support.

Lets look for the better future of wapka. Keep learning and keep visiting our blog on wapka, HTML, CSS, PHP. You can find us on facebook as wel at WapkaTutor.

See you next time..

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