[News] Sharing content to Facebook and Twitter is supported in Wapka Content Manager

Hi, Today wapka has been updated again with the new functionality. Now you can use wapka supported tags to share your all content in content manager on facebook and twitter. How this work?
If you ever wanted to share your content in wapka to the social networks giants?? Well, at wapka its easy than anywhere else. All content that you have in content manager can be shared on Facebook and Twitter with ease and style.

You can easily set thee tags in content manager unified page. All tags are available there for you to use and allow sharing of content to your users.

Your users will visit your content page and find this option to share the content where ever he/she would like to with one click.

We will discuss this feature in depth in our next couple of tutorials. We will be discusing various tools you can ue in content manager to manage content and elegantly display it. Stay tuned.

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