Three New Domains For Content Now Active In Wapka

Here is new feature, wapka has just released it. Let me explain it further more to those who don't understand it or don't have any knowledge of such things.
Wapka has official announced this new function or feature release. Here I quote their post

To provide better service to wapmaster, three new domains for file are available from now on, as follows: for Picture, for files in File Manager, and for files in Content Manager.

We hope it benefits all the wapmasters and let us look forward more developments of Wapka in the near future!

Thank you for you support!
 As you can see from the quotation, it says that three new domains have been installed to facilitate the load of the servers. Following is the respective details about the domains added.

1. It supposed to be added for the ES > PICTURE function. So it should work as but it isn't, it just shows the forbidden page. I don't know what the use of this in regards to the pictures. This maybe added to add seperate option for the users to link images but it wasn't needed.

2. This domain is added for files in file manager. Well, I can guess that, users of were complaining about the change in filenames after few downloads or time. i.e. filenames were not static, but in this addition, users will be able to set file names accordingly and let the users bookmark that. If you now download the file you will see that the source from where the file is downloaded is "".

3. It may have been installed to facilitate the users content. For example, if it may work as but its not the case, forbidden page is the end page that we see by visiting the domain.


I think, wapka administrators and/or moderators who are responsible for the forum announcements should have explained what they are trying to do with these domains and what will be the benefit. Saying like in above quotation will not help the cause. Wapka support needed to be upgraded. If they are willing to work around, they should have splendid support team which can reply each question raised.

Lets hope for the best , enjoy till then.

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