[TUTORIAL] Intoroduction And Adding Smaato Ads To your WapSite

In this tutorial, I will explain Smaato Ads and will teach you to add these ads in your wapka site to earn handsome income from home for just doing wapsite creation. All you will need is good understanding of wapka and its useful features.. Lets learn How to earn money from home via Smaato.
What is Smaato??

Smaato is an ad network, which allows the wapmasters to earn some income from their wapsite impressions. Smaato offers you CPM and CTR ads at average fillrate. You can use smaato in wapka very easily to earn some money. Many wapmasters in wapka even earn 100$+ monthly. All you need is good traffic and great content. :)

How to Get Smaato??
You can always visit smaato.com to create your account with smaato. You will need to provide basic info about yourself and the account will be created. But adding a site is little difficult process.. Lets add a site into our Smaato account and use it in wapka.
1. Click on My AD SPACES > Click Generate Ad space > Select first option (Mobile Website(WML/xHTML)) in the popup dialog box, like as under
2. Now new link will be created in your existing ad space list just click on + button > You will have to write few details about your site (Ad Space), these include
Name: Write Name for adspace
Mobile site URL: Write URL of your site like www.wapka.mobi
Description: Write description of your site, it should be interesting so that advertisers can get your site selected.
Category: Select best category that your site cater in.
Some other profile information, like gender usage, logo, screen shot and more can also be added, I will not get into this for now.

After you have done aall the profiling, click save button at the bottom of the form. Now you have added the site to your smaato account.

Lets get into Wapka Part.. In this part we will add our smaato ads that we just created above to our wapka site..

1. Login to your wapka account.
2. Goto Admin Mode
3. Goto ES > Advertisements > Manage Advertisements > Click Smaato.Com Link > You will see form to add smaato ad code, do the following
publisher-id (e.g.: 123456789): In this field write the Publisher ID from smaato, you will find this ID in main page of smaato at left side under "Your Publisher ID:"
ad space-id (e.g.: 12345678): Write the ad space ID for the current site we just created above in smaato part. The ad space ID canbe found at the ad space lister..
ad format (e.g.: ALL or IMG or TXT): Write ALL if you want to show both image and text ads, write IMG if you want only image ads and similarly write TXT if you want to fetch only text ads from smaato.
Leave the last field empty. After that click Continue button, now new ad ID will be created at manage advertisement page.
Where ever you would like to add smaato ad you can simply select the ad ID which we created above in ES > ADVERTISEMENT and you will see the smaato ads.

Please note that, you will see green smaato ad until smaato approves your site, simply click that link one time and smaato will start approving your site, it may take up to 36 hours to validate your site. Also, use PC for all the above steps because its better to use PC version in smaato while adding new sites, mobile browsers might not render the javascript.

You can ask here for any help you need to get smaato ads running on your site. We will be glad to hear from you. :)


  1. am using mywapblog were do i get d adspace ID pls,am confused...email me on pylonline43@gmail.com

  2. please am confuse about what to do again i swa the green key in my website but after i click and login i dont know the next step


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