[TUTORIAL] Introdunction to Debug Tools in Wapka

Hi, in this informative tutorial I will show you how you can use wapka's debug tools to debug your site if there are any errors. Lets get into it.
Where you can find debug tools in wapka?

Well, you can find debug tools by logging into wapka.mobi free account and then going to TOOLS -> DEBUG TOOLS. Currently, there are 5 tools available for you to use. These include
 1. Disable content in HEAD.
 2. Disable xHTML/WML items.
 3. Disable ex-loaders.
 4. Disable advertisements.
 5. Enable overall load time (at the bottom of every site).

How to Use These Debug Tools?
Lets get into them one by one.
1 = Disable content in HEAD tags:
This is very good debug tool. If its enabled, it will disable all content that is written in ES > GLOBAL SETTINGS > HEAD tags (meta,style,...) text area. This is useful if you wrote wrong code in head tags and want to debug it but could not load your site

2 =  Disable xHTML/WML items:
This debug tool if enabled will disable all items created with ES > WML/xHTML Code. So if you wrote wrong code, you can use this tool to debug it and then again enable it to be viewed by the visitors.

3 =  Disable ex-loaders:
This tools will disable or hide all the ex-loader item you added via ES > Ex-Loader (You can find about ex-loader function in my previous tutorials). It is same useful as others are. You can debug any exloader item.

4 =  isable advertisements:
This tool disables all advertisement you added via ES > ADVERTSIEMENT and/or :ad: tags. This will help if you don't wanna use advertisements in future and don't wanna go inside each page to delete it.

5 =   Enable overall load time (at the bottom of every site):
This is again very good if you wanna check load time of your site. This will help you to identify your site visit load time. If its more than 1-3 seconds you may have massive amount of content n your page. You should consider to delete some to make your page load faster. Remeber that, the load time if enabled will be displayed to your visitors as well.

Wapka has many features such above. These features make wapka the first choice. Many advance users also using wapka to host the sites. These debug tools are great resource for advance users and/or newbiews who are feeling bad in wapka due to errors.

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