[TUTORIAL] Set Dot.Tk Domain in Wapka.Mobi

Hi, in this tutorial I will show you the easiest way to add any dot.tk domains to your account in wapka.mobi. I will provide you with step by step instructions and also image screen shots of what I am doing, so that you can understand it well enough. So, lets get started.
1. Lets first register a new free domain, Goto Dot.tk website
2. Write your domain in provided form and check if its available, see screen shot below. For this tutorial sake, I am using wapkatutortest.tk. Click Go after that
3. Now in next screen, you will see page like this
4. Under "USE YOUR NEW DOMAIN" you will see 3 radio buttons "Forward this domain to", "Use DNS", "Build a new website with Imcreator.com", select the "Use DNS radion button" You will get something like this picture under your 3 radio buttons
5. Now click "Your own DNS" option, it should look like this picture
6. Now in first "Server Name" box write ns1.wapka.mobi and in second "Server Name" box write ns2.wapka.mobi

7. Now select registration length in that form as you like to.

8. Type the characters you see in the picture.

9. Cl ick the SignUp button, you will be asked several steps to register your account. Please provide valid Email Address, so that you can get the domain activation email in your inbox.

Now lets goto wapka.mobi part.

10. Login to your free wapka account, Goto "Settings", Click "Own Domain", Find the following text displayed in picture and enter your domain name with tk extension like in this picture
11. Click "Add Domain" button, within a seconds your domain will start working.

12. you will see notification if your domain is working or error message that DNS is not set yet. In this case you should try after 24 hours time and add your domain again in wapka.

Thanks, hope this helped many of you. Any question, ask below, we will help you.


  1. how to change wapka dns to 000webhost.com dns in dot.tk

    1. It can be achieved same as above but instead of ns1.wapka.mobi and ns2.wapka.mobi you should use 000webhost.com name servers. All other steps are quite same.

  2. hi , I wanna Facebook Share Code 4 my Wapka Site. Will u Help me ?

    1. Hi, check the following page


  3. hi admin plz help me how to set up .in domain for wapka?

    1. You can follow this tutorial dear.

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  4. How cn I use it as my email..i.e:service@jingaize.tk

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