Getting In - Intro to New Updates in Wapka

Hie there, its so long to see you, hope all of you are fine and enjoying the crunches of life.. Well I was busy with my other projects, so could not give time to this project and therefor couldn't add new tutorials to existing ones. In this first tutorial, after so many days break time, I will explain little bit about the new features wapka have added and we will in our further tutorials work on it in details.
Wapka has been updated several times and new and nice features have been introduced since April. Here are all of them with some or perhaps small descriptions about them respectively. :)

  1. On 11th April 2013, Removed "Click here to continue" plus two more additional updates made. Sometimes users see the click here to continue button in there sites if the content is not loaded successfully, now it has been fixed. Also issues with online counter and other were also optimized.
  2. On 18th, April 2013. MP# tags edit function was added. So, with this function you can upload MP3 tag and edit its tags as you like.
  3. On 19th April, backup system was re-added and now backup system is doing backups for automatic 7 days. Thats great but before it was 1 day.
  4. On 10th May, few tweaks were made t the system. Like Unlogin link was removed and MP3 album edit option was added to Content Manager. Few other tweaks was made too.
  5. One hacker uploaded the file to the wapka server and GoDaddy in response de-activated the wapka domain.. :) It all happend on 11th-13th of May 2013.  So, was not available foe two days. But you was able to visit via domain.
  6. On 14th May 2013, and got online. It was nightmare for wapka time, I can understand this.
  7. On 16th May, Access Logs released in Passport system of wapka. It let you know when and who logged into your accout what was his purpose, used browsers and so on.. ut now on you won't see wrong passwords used to login..
  8. 22nd May, wapka optimized the bottom advertisement to make sites load faster than before. I think they have added the cache system to cache the files and display it normaly.
  9. On 29th May, wapka said that its Content Manager URLs has been improved, no further details were announced. There for I could not explain what wapka had done with the URLs. They might have change it fr better SEO.
  10. On 6th june, building tools were released. This function help newbies to create site instantly.
  11. Touch version for wapka was released on 7th june 2013.
  12. Wapka announced as its main domain or in other words primary domain. Changed its logo as well.
  13. 19th june, wapka released HELP document for better understanding of wapka.. So for now you see only few subjects, more will be added.. [I thought, I now should shut my blog!!! lol :)]
  14. 20th june, option to select your primary or secondary domain was added.
  15. 21st june 2013, wapka announced the language system, where users can contribute to and help wapka to change language versions, I think wapka should have thought of getting help from google api, it would have saved a lot of time and also a lot of users time. On the same day, wapka added site templates for newbies, you will be able to create sites with site templates. It is only avialbe for new sites.
  16. 2nd of this month, wapka has added new tag in content manager, which is ":search-[content_type]:" it will allow users to add search option in content manager to search the files within the category. I will exlain it definitely.
  17. On 4th july, Content Manager unified searching page was added for newbies out there to create searching page easier than the keys or wapka tags.
  18. 9th July 2013, a major update was made to wapka content manager, now you can use GET/POST methods to utilize the content manager pages. Thats quite interesting, I will explain it. Few more language were added to the wapka language for users to edit.
  19. A tag list-content_type has been updaetd in wapka on 10th july 2013.
These are all the updates since I left you, few bugs and more servers were also added to the wapka system. In near future I will explain all new and existing functions briefly and in innovative way...

This concludes my first tutorial and I will keep on posting new ones regularly, stay tuned to wapkatutor. You can contact us via comment and facebook page for any further help.

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