Here Comes Wapka New Updates

This post is about wapka new updates to passport system, please read this for better understanding of what these updates include and whats your benefits from these new updates.
Wapka has been updated once again, and this wapka has update passport page. :) Last day, we were talking about improvements in wapka passport page, I had suggested to move developers forum to the wapka passport page, and here you go within one day of suggestion it has been done and now you can see developers forum and also private message system has been moved to main page of wapka passport.

Along with this update, wapka has also disabled the reward program in developers forum. This was used to reward someone wapka MBs if you liked his/her answer to your question. It was bit miss used. So, wapka has finally disabled it..

Stay tuned to wapkatutor for best and fastest update news about wapka and/ir any other web development activity around the world. :)


  1. Please post that reward option link,, iam not getting any reward option there thats why


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