Show Different Items to Logged and Non-Logged Users in Wapka

in this tutorial, I will teach you to add text, links, pictures and many other stuff visible to logged or non-logged users in wapka. So, if user is logged-in He/She will see welcome user and if he is not logged, will see register and login links.
This tutorial is aimed to teach newbies the function of registration in wapka. So, after this tutorial newbies will be able to hide links and more from non-logged users and also non-logged users can only see stuff/content for them.

Let me explain it with an example. You wanted to show login, register links with "Welcome to the site Guest" to non-legged user but not to logged ones. Similarly, you wanted to show the text "Welcome back UserName" with logout and profile link to the logged user but not to the non-logged user in  wapka.

If example fits your need then you are at right place for the tutorial to do something similar to the example in  wapka. Let do it in minutes. :)

Follow the following steps.
  1. Login to your free wapka account.
  2. In wapka passport page, click on SiteURL under "Site List" where you wanna add this functionality.
  3. Now in next page, click "Admin Mode" and goto admin mode of your site.
  4. Create New Page via ES > New Page > Name it "User Test" > click submit button at the end of form to add the page.
  5. Open the created page in step 4, and add do the following steps in this wapka page.
    1. Goto ES > WML/XHTML code > do the following steps on the displayed form.
      1. In first textbox, add the following code.
      2. Display this code in: leave it as it is.
      3. Align:  set its alignment, I prefer to set right.
      4. Display after submit: Leave it as it is
      5. Place WML code in front of: Select position of the code from already added items.
      6. WAP2 style class: Whatever CSS class you wanna use.
      7. Join this item with previous: If its checked, <div> tags outside of item will be removed.
      8. Item will be visible for: Now in this option select Non-logged users.
      9. Click submit to add the text and links.
    2.  Goto ES > WML/XHTML code > do the steps 5.1.1 to 5.1.9 but in step 5.1.1 we have added the text and links for the non-logged users, now this time we will add text and links for the logged user. in step 5.1.1 instead of that text add this one.
  6. Thats it, we have added the text for logged and non-logged users.
Now, after this tutorial newbies in  wapka should be able to write/add different text and items for logged and non-logged users with ease and power. :)

Thank you for reading this tutorial, we add tutorial regularly, stick with us to get most for PHP, HTML, JAVASCRIPT, CSS, Wapka.Mobi and similar programming languages and CMS.

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  1. how to hide codes/text from site_0 or home page and show in all pages except homepage .. please urgently needed..

  2. Please,how can you add texts/codes to your page in wapka.


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