Some Words about Wapka Passport System.

In this descriptive tutorial I will try to explain each and every thing about new wapka passport system. It is quite manageable and quite easy sytem but it helped a lot in wapka cause. Lets learn it.
Wapka passport system is quite simple to understand but for old users like me its very new and I think very useful too. :) When you visit and in main page you see new login box with the new wapka passport title. This is wapka passport login system. after login to this system you will see quite of few links and info on next page, here I have listed all of these.
  • Under "User System", you can find info about your last login date and time and IP of last login plus few links including profile, access logs and logout. Profile will show your profile and access logs can be clicked to see the log file for your account access. It can help you to get info about wrong login attempts. Logout link will of-course will log you out from wapka system. :)
  • Under "Security", you can find four options for now. 
    • Login Security will help you to set some tight rules for login, so any hacker could not hack your site.
    • Email Manager helps you to set your email address for you wapka account.. You can also add reserve email addresses as well.
    • Modify Password link helps you to change password for your account.
    • Password Security, helps to set some optional security questions for your account, in case you forget your password, you can retrieve via simple answer to saved question.
  • Site List, has what you really wanna get inside. :) It contains all your sites under your account, you can bind existing ones, and also can create new ones. You can find links to do so under "site list".
  • Multiple Languages is one of the feature that I don;t understand. You knew that google API is best for this and also updated regularly, so why not to go with that one but wapka has every rights to do so. This system allows you to contribute in up-coming wapka multi language site and print your name at the end of the site which have been translated by you.
Thus, the new wapka passport system interface is quite well manged than before, the main reason am saying this is one email for all of your sites. Yes, you can have 10s of sites with inly one email address before it was not possible.

Although, there are many improvements required in this system, like Forum should be now included in this page and also wapka support needs some bits and bites.. :)

Let's hope for the best. See you soon with new tutorial next time.

see ya.

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  1. Hi, i am from 2011-2013 wapkans, really missing those days,those people, those busy and crowded forum. Where are all they now? i wasn't so much active but i'm missing their :( Time change everything.


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