Why You Take a Break Ahmed.. :)

Hi, you might have noticed that me [AHMED HABIB] taken quite of few breaks in writing daily tutorials. I should be writing regularly, in this post I have explained why these breaks and I hope these will be overcome in future. :)
Many many of you wonder why Ahmed take so many breaks in between adding tutorials, here are some of the reasons why I take breaks to write tutorials.
  • I have many other projects as well, running live on different servers. I need to manage those all as well. It is quite a hard work and therefor needs time.
  • I was planning to add video tutorial series in wapkatutor, all went wrong when I wanted to upload video of about 30 minutes and 100MB of size, no online tubes helped the cause. After 29% uploading gets stopped and I have to try to upload it again and again yet without success. So, I have decided to write then to speak. :)
  • Often, I draft the tutorial and then publish it next day after mandatory edits and corrections.
  • Few grabbers try to copy and paste all the hard word done by me to write tutorials into their site without any backlink or without any permission. This is not good and I will not tolerate this. It hurts my ambitions.
These are few of those reasons i take break of 1-3 days time. It might not help your cause but it is required and I can not place me out of this.

So, you are requested to bear with me and enjoy the tutorials when it has been posted. My tutorials are easy to understand and also briefly on topics. You will love my tutorial (though not regularly posted). You can also request for tutorials and I will be happy to write one for you. I have plenty of requests already and each and evey requests is added on its merits/number.

Please do let me know what you think about my articles and also help to find sites who use my hardwork as own content.

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Thanks for your time. Keep visiting wapkatutor.

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  1. Yes you are right when someone grab your hard work is lik @#%$ And the worst thing that will be Google increases their page rank not ours... :(


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