Content Manager Create Video Sites Part 1

 Hi, every one was asking to create content manager tutorial about video. Here I am with best tutorial on content manager videos inside wapka for sure. :)
We wil be creating basic page for our videos where will be listing videos with duration and more. We will also create pages for videos and much much more we are going to do. :) Its part one and part will be added tomorrow. Lets enjoy adding content manager videos. Go to the following page to view tutorial.

Content Manager Create Video Sites Part 1

If you are wondering why we have shifted our tutorials to a new location, then for your answer I can simply say that, in Blogger it was not possible to maintain any coding gurus or simply it was not possible to create dynamic content in blogger due to non support of any programming language, therefore we are writing tutorial on other location. I am pretty sure that you are loving that place due to its simplicity and fast access.
Do join us on!! Thanks for your time :)


  1. Friend what is the limit of storage of a single video?

    1. Single video can have upto 100MB of space. :)

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  3. Dear sir
    I want to make quizes for my wapka. I knew little html css and js. Please help me


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