Create Video Site New Part

Hi, in this part we will cover creation of page for displaying information about the video and also download links and thumbnail for videos added in content manager of wapka.

We have added two parts of this series to better teach you how you can create video pages for your wapka site. All the videos are uploaded in content manager of wapka. So here are links to the tutorials, hope you will enjoy these. Do comment on video creation tutorials for wapka content manager.

Wapka Content Manager Videos Part 1
Wapka Content Manager Videos Part 2

Do join us on and!! Thanks for your time :)


  1. Hey abeeb i need help please how can i add screenshoot with forumcode to my wapka...plz i nee d code......and the secon question is dat how can i add image to forum post

  2. Yi can use [img] tg in forum (You might need to enable this code in Global settings of forum)

  3. Dear admin, how to create toplist in wapka?

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