Something New is Better :)

Hi, I have just updated wapkatutor design with lots of new and nice features. Here in this post I will try to let you know what has added new and what are improvements.
In this update, I have added new and nice features to wapkatutor. Here are some of theme listed below.
  • All the site styling has been changed. You will see dynamic changes in next few days as well.
  • Smilies iin comments added, now you can share your words with smiles.
  • Added random posts at home page for PC users, so get new and nice posts that you could not find or missed them. :)
  • Nice footer design. Now you can hide or show footer as you like and when you like. :)
  • Best and improved search feature added. You are going to love it.
These and more updates will shine wapkatutor and of course you. You are the one whi make us shine. New and nice tutorial will also be added in next few days. So stay tuned to the best.

Do join us on!! Thanks for your time :)


  1. There are many Stupid Content on this Template.. @-)
    They are...

    => Take more time to load
    => Tough to Read
    => Uncomfortable
    => Unavail good view in mobile...

    please correct all of this as soon as possible

    1. Ok, we have added your request and will do this. :) Do you want to be abe to read easily on mobile devices? Well we have updated our template and now you should see better mobile template. (c)

  2. Yes, i can read more easily in mobile. Thank you

  3. Bro continue your content manager tutorial by adding coding method on videos and music (mp3). We are waiting for this. And pls reply this comment.

    1. Hi, I would love to add those tutorials when they are ready. Thanks for waiting. :)

  4. Ya i am waiting but please do it in your next post don't make further posts. i really want it. It's urgent. Add video (in C.M. ) category's coding method first.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. sir plese mujhe ye bataye ki mujhe
    apni wapka site me paging code set krna hai par
    nahin ho raha jisse ki main ek site par
    pages tag karna chahta hu Ex,,,Pages-
    Prev< 1 2 3.....20> Next ye wala code
    kaise set karu detail me bataye aur code

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

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