FileZilla FTP Client Tutorial

In this tutorial, I will explain FileZilla FTP client, its usages and its features. After this tutorial you will be able to add/upload/update files on your website with FTP client.
FileZilla FTP client is choices of almost everyone (including me) in the field of web development. Its because it has many featurs, easy to understand and use and big thing is that its fastest among all FTP clients out there online. You can upload files to your web server easily, smoothly and efficiently with FileZilla FTP client.

Lets go forward in this tutorial, and do basic installation of this client.
  1. First step is to download the FileZilla Client, you can download from homepage of FileZilla (Download the "FileZilla Client" installer version)
  2. Now run the installer exe file on windows.
  3. Accept the user agreement.
  4. Set if you wanted to allow any user on this computer to run this program or you only.
  5. In next step, choosing components may vary. Here I would go with default and will also mark the desktop icon check-box. (so that, it create desktop icon as well for me.)
  6. Set install location to install FileZilla to.
  7. Set start menu position of FileZilla (you can safely click next here).
  8. Setups started, if all goes well, you will see finish step at the end or if any error occurred you will have to start it again after resolving the error.
Now that we have installed FileZilla, lets use it to upload our files to web server. Please see the following picture for UI reference.
  1. Run FileZilla by double clicking FileZilla icon at desktop.
  2. Now, you need three account details about you web server FTP account.
    1. You will need "Hostname:". Usually its url to your FTP server.
    2. "Username:" of your FTP account created in Cpanel.
    3. "Password:" of your FTP account created in Cpanel.
  3. Enter your details as in the following picture
    1. If your account details is correct you will see list of your files and folders saved in your web server in the 5th panel (see picture above).
    2. To upload files, you can simply use 4th panel. Navigate to the file which you wanted to upload and double click the file to upload. You can also upload several files at once.
    3. To download file from web server, simply navigate to file in 5th panel and double click the file to download.
    4. You can see status of your file upload and download at the bottom 6th panel. Simultaneously, you can upload and download two files at once but process foes on untill you download all of them.
    5. The 3rd panel is simply log of commands that you are issuing. Actually, it will help you get the error that you might expect. It will let you know what is wrong and also which command caused the error.
So, now you know what is FTP client and how to install it and use it to upload/download files from web server. Lets look at this client features to better understand what it can do for us.
  1. It allows file transfer between web server and your PC.
  2. It is fast.
  3. It can save many sites account in site manager to quickly access them.
  4. It has best of all log panel (see panel 3).
  5. Features pausing and resuming in transfer.
  6. Easy to use, lightweight.
So, download it now and start transferring files easily and securely. Now this tutorial helped you to understand, install, run, use FileZilla FTP client.

Please note that, you should create FTP account in Cpanel by navigating to FTP accounts page. You will be able to set password, username. :)

Do join us on!! Thanks for your time :)


  1. Helo my pal, hw are u doing>?
    please pal i want you to give me the code to change background CLASS of my wap site@

  2. Helo my pal, hw are u doing>?
    please pal i want you to give me the code to change background CLASS of my wap site@

  3. Okafor Darlington@ If your hosted solution is wapka, you can add the following code in styles sheet file,


  4. Can we use any type of client with wapka?

  5. You can not use it with wapka. Its client for managing web space and/or file manager.

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    1. You can't, needed to add source code manually where required. ;)

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