Web Terms: "Alias" and "Auto Responder"

In this post, lets discuss some general terms used in web world. Many of us do not really know these terms, so we face difficulties when surfing web or starting a new website project. Today in focus "Alias Names" and "Auto Responder".

In web hosting, each and every name that points to another name is called alias of the original name. Alias names are mainly used to make the original name easier to remember + understand. For instance, I can use WT for WapkaTutor to make it easier to point. :)

Understand this with an example: 
  • "Many poets use other name than original one in their poems, its called an alias name as well".

When someone sends an email to your email address, an automatic program that can respond to the query sends a response back to the email sender automatically, is called "Auto Responder" utility or program, whatever best fits you. :)

Lets learn it with an example:
  • "Many website administrators configured auto responder program to send an email every time it receive an email message from users, it confirms that the system has successfully received email and awaiting moderation."
  • "Another example that I would like to share: in Gmail you can set auto respond messages if you are planning to go to vacations, whoever will send you email, will get to know you are on leave, thanks to "Auto Responder" utility."

We would regularly post these terms to help those wanted to be professional web developers or even those who are just starting up. Comment below if you still can not understand the terms, we would look into explain bit more to you. :)

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